Making Disciples in the 21st Century (PDF)

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The mission of the church "to make disciples" was a foundational, intentional practice for the early church. This relational style of discipleship continued for 300 years after Jesus, until the conversion of Constantine and the establishment of Christianity as the state religion. From this point on, the church lost its relational foundation. Discipleship moved to classrooms, a book with stories of people who lived long ago, and attendance at a weekly gathering of strangers. Today, with the death of Constantinian Christendom and the emergence of a Post-Christendom pagan culture, the Church needs to recover its relational and missional status through discipleship.

The most explicit command given by Jesus to his followers of every generation was to make disciples. How odd that it is the thing we are most likely to neglect. It hardly ever rates a mention in church leadership meetings or in our prayer meetings... Over the years I have learned how to lead worship, facilitate Bible studies, preach up a storm and pray. I know how to do the Sunday morning meeting and speak at conferences. All of that will be of little value unless we see disciples made and multiplied. The only legacy I want to leave is an ever-growing movement of disciples... This book by Colin and Judith Noyes is an essential resource if a vision like this one is to be realized. They have distilled years of experience, conversations, training sessions, research and reflection. As the third in a wonderful series, it provides an insightful wrap on earlier ideas....This book must not be read and set aside. You will need to "camp out" with it and allow its insights to shape the way you look at your world. I am hoping that you will invite a few of your fellow believers to read it together, then talk and pray together about the issues covered. I am sure it will change the way you think about disciple-making. It is likely that, if such a thing happens, you and I might see the challenge with fresh eyes and a renewed heart.

BRIAN MEDWAY - National Chairman, Crosslink Christian Network, Australia

Colin Noyes is one of the sharpest international leaders I know. His insights into the field of discipleship are well-researched and honest, and he does a great job of challenging us to see it through fresh eyes. Eminently practical, his discipleship books and resources will give you what you need to move forward in our ever changing world.

DR. BOB LOGAN - Church planter, author and coach, USA.

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