Developing Coaching Excellence Handbook.English (Hard Copy)

DCEH.Front Cover_0.jpgWhat makes an excellent coach excellent? How does one measure a coach's competency? While much has been written about what makes an effective coach, the Developing Coaching Excellence Handbook examines the question from a Christian perspective and is based on an international qualitative research project.

One issue missing from all secular approaches to coaching is the importance of God being in the center of the coaching relationship and process -- the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

This handbook is designed for leaders who strive for excellence in coaching. It can be used in many ways:

  • as a self-study
  • in group training
  • as a guide following coach assessment
  • as a resource and reference for ongoing improvement

You will find this to be a useful guide that you can return to time and time again. After all, improvement is not something you do only once, but part of the ongoing journey toward excellence.


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