Character.Missional Discipleship Coaching Guide with Storyboard (PDF)

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This ministry specific storyboard-based Coaching Guide on Making Disciples is a 52-page resource which a coach can use with an individual or group. The guide includes coaching info and guided questions for each ‘behavioural indicator’ of each ‘frame’ of the storyboard. One copy of the storyboard is included with this item. eResource

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This Ministry Specific Coaching Guide on the Making Disciples follows the four stages and 10 frames on the storyboard. These sequential stages consist of:

  • Encouragement of individuals to have a strong, authentic and growing relationship with God.
  • Helps individuals engage with others in and outside of the kingdom.
  • Working on practical and effective involvement with those who need it most.
  • Ensure individuals are actively making disciples within their natural networks.

Apart from the specific introductory notes, most critically, the Coaching Guide provides suggested questions that can be asked of the disciple to help open up the conversation. These targeted questions (and support coaching notes) exist for all the ‘behavioural indicators’ of each ‘frame’ of the Making Disciples Storyboard. The individual being discipled can eventually refer to their own separate storyboard as a guide to the conversation and the discipler invites the individuals to think about application issues by asking the questions and probing further when answers are given.

Section Headings

  • Relationship with God.
  • Life transformation.
  • Responsiveness to the Spirit.
  • Authentic living.
  • Relational involvement.
  • Respect for others.
  • Intentional service.
  • Discerning spiritual openness.
  • Making disciples.
  • Multiplying disciples.

One copy of the storyboard is included with this item.


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