Emotional Intelligence: Skill Builder Booklet – Ministry Specific Resource (PDF)

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A short, practical, 12-page booklet on the topic of Emotional Intelligence for personal or team development or for use in conjunction with a Storyboard. eResource.

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Although there is some dispute about what constitutes human intelligence or human emotion (and how it can be successfully measured), this booklet suggests that the term emotional intelligence or EQ draws on two simple concepts: intelligence applying knowledge appropriately, and being emotionally astute (tuned in) that is, applying feelings appropriately. Emotional intelligence is driven by two major factors: a persons basic drive or motivation, and the relative structure or flexibility of their thinking about themselves and others.

This Ministry Specific PDF booklet presents a four style EQ model that both creates awareness about ones own natural tendencies and offers strategies that can be adopted to become more emotionally intelligent and balanced in terms of employing all four styles whenever situations or circumstances are appropriate.


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