Giving and Receiving Feedback Storyboard (PDF)

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This One Page Coach® Storyboard on Effective feedback giving and receiving helps both the feedback giver and feedback receiver to develop their respective skills to make the whole experience a more positive one. This is done by concentrating on practical communication strategies that both parties can adopt during a one off or on-going exchange. eResource.

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This Giving & Receiving Storyboard is a 2-sided document with a storyboard on one side and an application template or other supplemental resource on the reverse.

Learning Outcomes

    • Identify the four stages of the effective feedback giving and receiving coaching & mentoring cycle (Understanding, Empathising, Listening and Agreeing).
    • Recognise the characteristics of effective and ineffective feedback strategies (in both directions).
    • Formulate a personal action plan for developing your feedback giving and receiving skills.

Storyboard Headings

    • Your communication style
    • Create a positive intent
    • Describe your observations
    • Recognise the behaviour/action impact
    • Consider the other person’s response
    • Discuss future possible solutions together
    • Focus on the content of the specific feedback
    • Listen calmly, attentively and clarify
    • Acknowledge any concerns
    • Avoid defending or over explaining
    • Welcome suggestions about improvement


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