Leadership Effectiveness Profile – Ministry Specific Resource (PDF)

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The downloadable Leadership Effectiveness Profile is our most popular profile and it assesses eight leadership qualities and skills: Emotional Intelligence, Contextual Thinking, Directional Clarity, Creative Assimilation, People Enablement, Reciprocal Communications, Change Orchestration and Driving Persistence. eResource.

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The Leadership Effectiveness Profile (LEP) – in the individual competency range of diagnostic instruments – is the core resource to which many other profiles in this catalogue are linked. By completing this profile, the individual will get a strong indication regarding other instruments useful for giving them a more focused and deeper view.

Although there are different views about what constitutes leadership excellence, it is possible to distil the key themes or broad categories from which most good leaders will draw to a greater or lesser extent. In total, eight categories are identified, and these are:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Contextual thinking
  • Directional clarity
  • Creative assimilation
  • Change orchestration
  • People enablement
  • Reciprocal communication
  • Driving persistence

These categories are suggested to be the main factors that constitute the relative effectiveness of your efforts to lead others in a range of different situations. Like other competency instruments, individuals rate themselves on a 1-5 Likert scale in all eight categories in order to build up a rich profile indicating where their strengths and development needs seem to lie. Full interpretive notes are then provided to allow people to write personal action plans.

Note: This is the ministry-specificdownloadable edition of this profile.

Author: Jon Warner
Publisher: Team Publications
Publication: All Rights Reserved


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