Presentation Skills Storyboard – Ministry Specific Resource (PDF)

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This full colour Ministry Specific Storyboard gives an individual a simple step by step process through the topic of Presentation Skills. eResource.

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Storyboards provide a visual “line of sight” through a development topic. This ministry-specific storyboard on Presentation Skills addresses the following Developmetn Outcomes and Learning Objectives.

Development Outcomes

  • Look at the background on how to prepare for any presentation in the first place.
  • Identify the four stages of Prepare, Organise, Deliver and Respond of the effective presentation skills cycle.
  • Develop a sequential delivery process will always work well.
  • Show some of the common presentation pitfalls and problems to be avoided.

Storyboard Headings

  • Focus on your objectives.
  • Consider you target audience.
  • Designing the presentation strategy.
  • ‘Structure’ the content.
  • Rehearse your presentation.
  • Check technology and facilities.
  • Gain immediate attention.
  • Deliver key messages slowly.
  • Field questions confidently.
  • Summarise and focus on next steps.
  • Evaluate your presentation performance.



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