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  • Time Management CG

    Time Management: Coaching Guide with Storyboard – Ministry Specific Resource (PDF)

    This ministry specific storyboard-based Coaching Guide on Time Management is a resource which a coach can use to talk with an individual on a guided basis. The guide includes coaching info and guided questions for each storyboard frame. One copy of the Storyboard is included with this purchase. eResource

    Coaching Guides
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  • Time Management.SBB

    Time Management: Skill Builder Booklet – Ministry Specific Resource (PDF)

    This Ministry Specific Time Management Skill Builder booklet explores the subject of Time Management and offers a whole process to help you to build skills in this critical area. eResource.

    Skill Builder Booklets
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  • Values TH

    Values Determination: Training Handout (PDF)

    This model has five value-clusters which are briefly explained in this 2-page document. Additional information is provided on the reverse side of the page. eResource

    Training Handouts
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