Free Resources

Free Resources

Sample Coaching Agreement

The following coaching questions are organized according to the coaching blueprint, plus several sets of additional questions by topic.

  • Listen Actively
  • Celebrate Wins
  • Care Personally
  • Strategize Plans


  • Give each person 7 small post-it notes. (For larger groups, reduce the number of Post-it notes per person).
  • Think about the characteristics of an ideal cell church.
  • Write down a maximum of 7 characteristics on the post-it notes (only one characteristic per post-it note).
  • Work in silence for about 5 minutes.
  1. For each component of your vision, take some time to brainstorm a list of what you sense God is calling you to achieve. This is the heart of your vision.
  2. For each component of your vision, reflect on your past experience and write down what you would like to preserve and avoid as you carry out your vision.
  3. Make time to pray through your APA and write a paragraph that paints a picture of what you hope to accomplish.

With your calendar in hand, list all the activities you were involved in during the last 30 days according to the role that best defines each activity. List the amount of time each activity took, and evaluate your effectiveness on a scale of 1 to 5.

  1. How will you free up time and energy to focus on the change process?
  2. Who are the key people who can work with you to facilitate the change process?
  3. Who are the key influencers who need to embrace the vision and/or be included in the discussion/planning process?

Coaching is a relationship that helps leaders develop their God-given potential so that they grow individually and make a valuable contribution to the kingdom of God.

Our coaching relationship will be characterized by the following values:

Use these questions to prepare for your coaching appointment.

  1. Have I prayed for this leader?
  2. Have I reviewed my notes from our last meeting?
  3. Have I developed effective coaching questions?

Releasing Your Church’s Potential Worksheet

Raising Leaders for the Harvest Worksheet

  • Viewing from a distance
  • Viewing close at hand

Clarifying Your Church Planting Vision Worksheet

  1. Prayerfully develop 3 - 5 ten-year vision statements that establish a God-given direction consistent with your values and mission.
  2. Identify your critical success indicators. How will you measure your effectiveness?

Force Field Analysis

What is a force field?

  1. A situation is created by a balance of forces that oppose or reinforce it.
  2. Force field analysis does not indicate whether an idea/solution is good or bad. It simply indicates the difficulty or ease with which a change can occur.


  1. Label each bar in the graph with one of your ministry responsibilities. Up to ten areas can be identified. For example: training, shepherding, teaching, leadership development, counseling, budgeting, etc.
  2. On a scale of 1-10, draw a bar graph to show your level of satisfaction for each responsibility.

Functional Structures Worksheet

  1. You have a perspective that allows you to focus your life energies on your ministry strengths.
  2. You have maintained a learning posture throughout your life

Consider a problem you want to work on. This problem may include; difficulty achieving a specific goal or target, difficulty managing or working with a team member, difficulty dealing with a particular individual. There are numerous challenges that we face in our role as leaders that we are seeking a satisfactory solution to.

Present Situation

  • Strengths What is working well?
  • Weaknesses What is missing or needs improvement?
  • List your top three spiritual gifts:
  • List below the three or four ministry activities you enjoy most and feel most effective in (i.e., leadership, teaching, evangelism, administration, etc.). List in descending order: