Character.Missional Discipleship Storyboard (PDF)

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Foundational to the future of the church is the intentional discipleship development established on the principles of loving God, loving others and making disciples. Without a clear pathway many people flounder in their faith and never experience the exciting journey of becoming a disciple and making disciples. The journey set out in this Storyboard will help individuals walk through the process of connecting, growing, serving and reproducing as disciples of Jesus. eResource.

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Storyboards provide a visual “line of sight” through a development journey. This ministry-specific storyboard on Making Discipleship addresses the following:


  • Encouragement of individuals to have a strong, authentic and growing relationship with God.
  • Helps individuals engage with others in and outside of the kingdom.
  • Working on practical and effective involvement with those who need it most.
  • Ensure individuals are actively making disciples within their natural networks.

Storyboard Headings

  • Relationship with God.
  • Life transformation.
  • Responsiveness to the Spirit.
  • Authentic living.
  • Relational involvement.
  • Respect for others.
  • Intentional service.
  • Discerning spiritual openness.
  • Making disciples.
  • Multiplying disciples.



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