Church Planting Coaching Guide with Storyboard (PDF)

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With a basic structure for church planting in hand, plus help in discovering the right questions to start asking, you’ll find you’re better prepared for the adventure that lies ahead. And it is an adventure—no two churches are exactly alike. That’s why our material is principle-specific, not model-specific. Let’s take worship for instance. Whether you are planting a mega-church, a multi-site church, a church in a small town or a house church, you’ll still need to think through what worship will look like for you. What approaches will best reach your target group? How can you best resource and support your worship leaders? How can you lay the groundwork for raising up new worship leaders for the future? Essentially, what you have in the Church Planting Coaching Guide with Storyboard is a model-neutral process to walk you through the essentials of starting a new church. However, there’s no substitute for real live people walking alongside you to help in your journey. After you’re finished going through this material, if you’re still feeling God’s call to move forward, then the last section of this document looks at the next steps for pursuing church planting.


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