Creativity and Innovation: Coaching Guide with Storyboard – Ministry Specific Resource (PDF)

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This ministry specific storyboard-based Coaching Guide on Innovation and Creativity is a resource which a coach can use to talk with an individual on a guided basis. The guide includes coaching info and guided questions for each storyboard frame. One copy of the Storyboard is included with this purchase. eResource

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This Ministry Specific Coaching Guide on Creativity and Innovation follows the four stages and 11 frames on the storyboard. These sequential stages consist of:
• Initiate greater creative thinking by being more inquisitive and curious
• Develop and nourish new ideas to help them to grow
• Evolve the ideas and find appropriate opportunities to test their use and contribution
• Action the new idea and adopt as much courage of your convictions as possible to follow things through.

Apart from the specific introductory notes for coaches, most critically, the CG provides suggested questions that can be asked of the coachee to help open up the conversation. These targeted questions (and support coaching notes) exist for all the frames in the storyboard. The individual being coached can then refer to their own separate storyboard as a guide to the conversation (which is likely to be over several sessions) and the coach invites the individuals to think about application issues by asking the questions and probing further when answers are given.

This resource is a PDF downloadable file intended for the use of the purchaser. It also includes a complimentary copy of the accompanying Ministry-Specific Ministry-Specific Creativity and Innovation Storyboard. Please purchase reprint permission if you wish to make multiple copies of the Storyboard for your Coachees.


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