Introduction To Coaching Workshop Kit

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‘Introduction to Coaching’ is a ready to deliver 4-6 hour workshop that will give all your leaders an insight into coaching so they can apply it to their ministry. It includes:
• A PowerPoint Presentation
• Facilitator’s Notes for the PowerPoint
• Participant’s Workbook (To be reproduced for the workshop participants)
COACH originally came from a word that described a horse-drawn vehicle that would get people from where they were to where they wanted to be. At its core, Christian Coaching is the art and practice of coming alongside others to help them discover where they are, where God wants them to be, how to get there and cooperating with them to see their agenda become reality.
The Bible never commands us to coach. In fact, the word coach is never used. So why coach? Is coaching biblical? The Bible does command us to do certain things: to make disciples, to encourage one another, to listen to the Holy Spirit, to follow what we sense God is calling us to do. Yet in most cases it never tells us how. How are we to make disciples? Certainly there are some methods that are wrong but generally speaking, God leaves the methodology up to us. Any method that is consistent with the general principles of scripture may be used, provided the end is a biblical one. Coaching is one such method—and in this case a method that is incredibly consistent with biblical principles.
One role of a full-time or volunteer leader is to equip. A good leader doesn’t do the work of the ministry for people, but helps them learn to do the work of the ministry. The word equip is the same word used in classical Greek to describe the setting of a broken bone. It’s used in the gospels to describe the mending of a torn net. Essentially, to equip is to make something functional so it can be used to fulfil its intended purpose. That’s what a coach does. Coach would make a good modern day translation of the word equip. Coaching is fast becoming something which every leader needs to do on a regular basis. If it is done well, individuals will more rapidly learn and grow and thereby make greater contributions to the ministry they are a part of.
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