Effective Delegation: Skill Builder Booklet – Ministry Specific Resource (PDF)

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This Effective Delegation Skill Builder booklet explores the subject of Delegation and offers a whole process to help you to build skills in this critical area. eResource.

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With increasing demands on our time and resources, it’s impossible to achieve all we set out to do without the help and assistance of others. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly think that delegation can only be done by people with direct authority over those working for them. In fact, delegation is more often an individual skill determining the best way to handle a project or a task, and then discovering the best way to solicit help from others when and where we need it.

This ministry-specific booklet offers some particular advice on how to make delegation part of your normal life (including work) experience, and identify both the need for assistance and how you can entrust other people with delegated tasks.



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